My tall tale has been told around the world for years . As long as I can remember, Babe the Blue Ox and I have been fashioning the lakes and rivers of this great country, a job we love. But a couple of years ago, I thought a vacation was in order, and decided to come in from the woods. My travels have taken me from sea to shining sea. Along the way, I stopped to visit lumberjack events, axe throwing bars, county fairs, town festivals and other celebrations. 

It was at these events that I found everyone wanted to take "selfies" with me. Some wanted to see if they could hold my mighty axe. People of all ages just wanted to hang out with me. It was suggested I should build something called a website so people can see my past travels and check out my future plans. So here you go! Look around and check out some of the great places I have visited and people I have met.    

- Paul

Watch the videos to see how I do my thing!

Fun at the Steele County Free Fair

Web Steele Video.MOV

Minnesota versus Wisconsin football game pre-game celebration.

High Five.mov

Faribault Flannel Formal Fun

Paul in Action

My 190th Birthday at The Lumberjack Axe Throwing Bar

Paul is on at the 4 minute and 14 second mark in the video from the link below. Enjoy!!!