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Learn about Lumberjacks

As I wander about this great country, many people ask questions about me and lumberjacks. Schools and county fairs were asking if I could help teach about our lumberjack heritage. So I decided to add some educational discussions to my interactions with people. Now county fairs can get grants from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to have me appear through the Legacy Amendment as part of our cultural heritage.

I interact with small groups of people, like a family or group of friends, on a personal basis. I talk about what it was like to be a lumberjack back in the day and I let everyone hold an "axe that is similar to axes used by lumberjacks in the 1800's". "The axe is approximately 100 years old". I worked with the Washington County Heritage Center in Stillwater, MN to verify its authenticity. After talking about the lumberjack industry from long ago, I talk with everyone about the myths and lore surrounding me and Babe. I have a blast shaking everyone's hand and joking around with them. So after handling the 100 year old antique axe, I let everyone hold my mighty axe which is a lot bigger. People want to see if they can handle the mighty axe. Kids and adults both love this and they take lots of pictures. I have a great time and everyone is posting their "selfies" on social media.

If you are interested in applying for a grant or would like me to appear at your school, fair or museum please contact me.

- Paul

The fourth graders at Osceola Intermediate School were able to learn about Paul Bunyan with this amazing presentation that made him larger than life. Students were able to ask questions and were completely engaged.

  • Nelisena Landahl, 4th Grade Teacher