Past Events

I have had the privilege to meet many people along my journey.  Check it out!

Cambridge, MN

The Isanti County Fair was more fun in 2022 because of Paul Bunyan! I highly recommend him for any event. He was very easy to work with. People of all ages enjoyed getting pictures made with him. 

Faribault, MN

Paul Bunyan was larger than life at the annual Faribault Flannel Formal! He was engaging, easy to work with, and added a lot of fun, laughs, and height to the event! People were thrilled at the chance to meet and take a photo with the legend!

Stillwater, MN

Paul Bunyan has been awesome at Stillwater’s Historic Community Event - Lumberjack Days. People of all ages, kids and adults were happy to get a picture with “Paul”.  For us as the event coordinators, he was very easy to work with and was very considerate and patient with people wanting to get their picture taken with him. We would recommend Paul to participate in any event from family to an adult gathering.

Axe Throwing Bar Stillwater, MN

Just when I thought the nature of my business, axe throwing, would be enough to draw a crowd, I met Paul Bunyan!  His presence stops people in their tracks - everyone wants to be in a picture with Paul and his good-natured demeanor had my customers lingering and kids clamoring for a minute with him.  If you are considering inviting Paul to an event, just do it, you won't be disappointed. 

Stillwater, MN

We hired Paul Bunyan for a grand opening event and couldn’t have been more pleased! Paul was very flexible in working with our schedule. He was polite and professional the whole (long) day!! It was very enjoyable watching the kids (adults, too) and Paul interact….a crowd favorite!! We will keep Paul in mind for future events and would definitely refer him to others.

MSP Airport, St. Paul, MN

During MEA days, visitors to MSP had the chance to experience a variety of entertainment options, including posing for a picture with Paul Bunyan, the fabled giant lumberjack. Students young and old got to hold the giant axe as they posed for pictures with Paul on the way to their flight. MSP travelers really seemed to enjoy Paul’s engaging style and sense of humor on their chance encounter with the living legend of the Great North! We were thrilled with the positive impression he made on travelers and airport employees alike!  

Osceola, WI

The fourth graders at Osceola Intermediate School were able to learn about Paul Bunyan with this amazing presentation that made him larger than life. Students were able to ask questions and were completely engaged.  

Ames, IA

Paul at Homecoming Kickoff Celebration. 

Dubuque, IA

What a difference a 7-foot-tall man with a red flannel shirt and a huge axe can make at a County Fair. People forget about the rides and the cotton candy just to get a picture with Paul Bunyan. He was easy to work with, great with kids of all ages and I would highly recommend him to County Fairs, festivals, or any event you want to put a smile on a face and create a memory.

Stillwater, MN

Paul Bunyan on a tour of the fairgrounds.

Ellsworth, WI

Paul Bunyan with triplets at the fair.

Owatonna, MN

Paul Bunyan with help holding the axe.

Wabasha, MN

Paul teaching kids about lumberjacks.

Windom, MN

Paul Bunyan meeting people at the fair.

Chatfield, MN

Paul Bunyan hanging out with cowboys.

Aitkin, MN

Paul picking up a kid at the fair.

Howard Lake, MN

Doing a Paul Bunyan high five at the fair.

Morris, MN

Paul Bunyan hanging out with royalty.

Slayton, MN

People are strong in Murray County.

Faribault, MN

Paul Bunyan helping people help people.

Minneapolis, MN

Paul at Gopher-Badger Football pre-game

Hugo, MN

Paul Bunyan with some good neighbors.

Shafer, MN

Paul Bunyan hanging out in Shafer, MN.

Eagle River, WI

Paul Bunyan at the festival.

Stillwater, MN

Paul Bunyan hanging out with Nordy, the Minnesota Wild mascot.

North St. Paul, MN

Paul Bunyan hanging out with cars.

Stillwater, MN

Celebrating my 190th birthday on MN Live

St. Paul, MN

Paul Bunyan having a Grand time.

Motley, MN

Paul Bunyan was there, at the Fair.